The Passion for what we do is rendered through our Services


Whether it is a cold or complicated medical condition, UIRehab is dedicated our clients' health.

Highly Skilled Medical Team

UIRehab (either through staff physicians or external physicians) manages the complex medical process that our clients often face.


Disabled individuals often require a great deal of medical support during the rehabilitation process.

We Provide the Support You Need

UIRehab creates a support plan personalized for our clients through Occupational, Physical, and Cognitive-Language-Speech therapy.


We provide our clients the training and support to rejoin the competitive workforce.

Preparation and Confidence

Our programs offer clients exciting jobs in the community that prepare them for employment post-rehab. We provide Vocational support levels, with real-life training opportunities and community involvement.


Our homes are designed to offer the clients’ opportunities to perform living skills.

We Accommodate Your Needs

The residential program combines an aggressive therapy program during the day with a concentration on “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL’s) and community re-entry in the evening and on weekends.

neurological rehabilitation

Welcome To UIRehab

Jerry Lasso founded UIRehab with the conviction that any obstacle can be overcome with passion, persistence, and the proper support from a rehab community that believes in the possibilities of each client. Our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan family of professionals strongly functions with that same human spirit and training philosophy.

At UIRehab, we aim for the miraculous, and that is why we are built upon YOU and I. Whether YOU are a client, family member, case manager, physician, or insurer, each of our highly skilled professionals ask themselves the same question every day:

“What can I do for YOU?”
YOU and I. UIRehab. Experience the Possibilities

Our Clients’ Stories

“I have gained so much since my accident. I had nothing. Now, I can easily talk with my parents, the staff and Dan. I have found new meaning in my life and a great desire to live and to go on with my life. Now I am not good – I am excellent! Thank you so much Universal and Dan!”
“As someone with a chronic illness (M.S.), I really appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment the staff has shown in helping me to maximize my physical potential.”
“Stacey’s whole outlook on her life is changing so much for the better because of the help she is getting from her therapists and everyone around her. Thanks again to everyone involved in making my daughter’s life a much better one. Her recovery is what matters most in mine and her father’s life right now.”
“Jeff seems very serene and at home there, and we are SO grateful. The caregivers are all kind and considerate, including David, who Jeff likes so much. Thanks for doing the WONDERFUL job you all do! Hope you have a great holiday and Robert too.”
The therapy is the most valuable aspect of Universal’s program. The Intensive Therapy offered is exclusive to Universal and teaches you to use your inner strength and spirit to overcome your perceived physical limitations. It not only opens up new possibilities for physical therapy, but also carries over an increased confidence in other areas of your life.”

The only true disability is to have been so afraid of failure that we never tried.