Universal Institute offers clients a wide range of residential opportunities, which includes Community Residences (also known as “Group Homes”). Community residences are single family homes that are designed to accommodate the specialized needs of the disabled community.

All of our residences are fully accessible with extra wide doorways, custom roll in wheelchair showers and large state-of-the-art kitchens. Highly trained and certified staff members supervise and assist the residents 24 hours a day. Residential activities include food shopping, meal preparation, social/recreational outings, medication management, and safety awareness trainings within the home and community.

Our homes are designed to offer the clients’ opportunities to perform living skills as independently as possible based upon their capabilities and confidence.

The residential program combines an aggressive therapy program during the day with a concentration on “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL’s) and community re-entry in the evening and on weekends.



Universal Institute’s apartment programs are designed for individuals who prefer a more private environment.  Depending upon the particular needs of a client, we are able to provide supervision levels that range from basic support to intensive supervision.

Basic support staff is available 24-hours per day to attend to client needs and provide access to all community-based services. Our apartment complexes are only minutes away from shopping and a large variety of cultural activities. Universal offers one and two bedroom apartments that are situated on the ground level for easy access. The apartments are fully accessible with large spacious rooms and furnished with all the modern conveniences of home.



Universal Institute’s residential services offer a variety of unique residential settings to call “home.” These settings serve as a transitional bridge to a more independent lifestyle, with support remaining in place as needed. Clients live in a safe, but supported environment as they advance to increasingly less structured settings and toward independence. This takes place in a natural community environment.